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Jesus Believes In You

As Christians, we profess our faith in Jesus. We believe in Him in the fullest sense of the word. We lean on Him, depend on Him, and count Him daily to do what He says He’ll do. But did you know that Jesus also believes in you?

The Disciple Peter was undependable, frequently driven by emotion. In one instance, he declared he’d follow Christ to the death. In another, he denied the Lord for fear of a girl’s disfavor. Yes, Peter was unstable as shifting sands. And yet despite all of this, Jesus still believed in Peter, looked him in the eye and proclaimed, “Thou art Simon…but thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, a Rock.” (Jn 1:42)

“And upon this rock I’ll build my Church,” Jesus continued. And history proves it all eventually came to pass: It was Peter who initialized the birth of Christ’s Church by way of his inaugural sermon on the day of Pentecost and who oversaw its formation and growth as its founding pastor for many years. In fact, Peter became so rock-solid and steady as to ultimately give his life by crucifixion without denying the Lord who believed in him.

When everyone else saw Peter as an unstable individual, Jesus said, “Peter, you’re a rock.” And Jesus sees the good in you, too, when others see only failure and doubt. As John Osteen used to say (and his son Joel declares now,) “I am who God says I am.” And believer, so are you. So soak up those positive declarations the Bible makes about who you are, for you can become everything God says you can be.

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