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Think Like A King

There’s a story about a professional golfer who was invited to play in a tournament sponsored by the king of Saudi Arabia. The king picked him up in his own private jet and flew him to the event. When it was all over and the golfer was about to return home, the king said, “You’ve been so kind to take time to come all this way to compete; I’d like to give you a gift. What would you like?

The man replied, “It was a pleasure. No gift is necessary.”

“No, I insist,” answered the king, “please, tell me what you want.”

The man thought for a minute and said, “Well, I collect golf clubs. You could send me a one as a souvenir.”

Once home, the man eagerly checked his mailbox every day. What kind of golf club would he receive? Would it be made of gold? Would it have a jewel encrusted handle?   After all, he was the King ofSaudi Arabia…

At long last, a letter, postmarked “Saudi Arabia” arrived. As the man opened it, he wondered, what’s this? Where’s my special golf club?

He slipped the letter out of the envelope to find…the deed to a 500-acre golf club, here in theUS.


You see, kings think differently than others. When you say “golf club,” a king thinks golf club.

Jesus is the King of kings. Nobody thinks bigger than He does, and nothing is impossible with Him. So let’s think big this year. Let’s expect to see our lives blessed in expansive ways. After all, our own King of Kings has promised, “All things, whatsoever, you ask in prayer believing, you shall receive.” (Matt. 21:22)


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