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God Will Take Care of You

Is 43:18-19–“I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

The Children of Israel came out of Egypt full of hope. But their hope turned to despondency when they learned that Pharaoh’s army was on their trail. Soon they found themselves trapped between violent pursuers and the Red Sea. The situation was hopeless, until the “One who makes a way where there is no way” divided the waters and brought them safely to the other side.

But soon the Israelites’ water supplies ran out. They became thirsty, unable to find a drop to drink. The situation was critical until Moses, at God’s direction, struck a rock and a river broke forth sufficient to provide water for a million men, their families, and livestock.

And yet soon their food supplies ran out.  They were doomed to starvation until the Lord rained down meat and manna from the skies.

Yes, the Children of Israel found themselves challenged by enemies, thirst, and lack. And yet somehow they never went without, even for a day. God kept them safe, filled, and abundantly blessed all the way from Egypt to their Promised Land.

And He’ll do the same for you. You see, The Lord’s not intimidated by Media reports about a bad economy. God is the Source of all supply and nothing is too hard for Him.  He’ll make a way in the wilderness for you, and rivers in the desert.  He’ll take care of you until you reach your Promised Land. 

Today’s Prayer: Thanks for taking care of me, Lord. I may not always know where your provision is coming from, but I trust it that it will be there when I need it. You cared for the Children of Israel in the wilderness, and you’ll take care of me today.

 *The above message is from David’s new 30-day devotional Encouraging Word, available now, along with his exciting novel Hummingbird and other books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers. Just click on this link to go to David’s Amazon page: David Stearman Books

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Mark 1:17a–Then Jesus said to them, “Follow Me.”

GPS programs are everywhere these days, on our phones, in dedicated handheld units, and even built into our cars. But we don’t always follow their directions to a T. Sometimes we turn off the programmed path hit a Starbucks, fill up with gas, or grab some lunch.

Fortunately, the unit doesn’t blow a circuit when we deviate from the prescribed course. It doesn’t scream, “Now you’ve done it; you’ve ruined everything! You’ll never find Disneyland now!” No the device simply says, “Rerouting…” and then, based on your current location, offers newly-computed directions to your destination.

And that’s the way it is when we’re following the Lord. Yes, sometimes we fail, make mistakes, or miss the mark, and yet God doesn’t scream back at us, “Look what you’ve done! Now you’ll never see your dreams come true!

No, He just starts rerouting…

You may have ignored God’s directions in the past, but if you’ll turn to Him now, He’ll get you right back on track. Follow His instructions, because He’s already at work, computing the quickest route to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Today’s Prayer: Heavenly Father, I’ve messed up. Some of my choices weren’t the best, and now I can’t see my way out of this tangled maze. Will you lead me Lord? I promise to follow you closely, for only you know the way from where I am to where I want to be.


*The message above is from David’s new 30-day devotional “More Encouraging Words,” available along with his other ebooks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and other fine online retailers.


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