A Supernatural Holiday

07 Dec


Christmas is, if anything, a supernatural holiday. After all, it is about angelic appearances, guiding stars, fulfilled prophecies, and virgin birth. In fact, the Biblical text is almost magical, which causes some to dismiss it as mere fantasy. And yet those with the audacity to believe these amazing stories experience God’s miraculous power on a regular basis.

But Christmas is also a season of hope. For just a few weeks at the end of each year, the struggling masses, many of whom are entrapped by impossible circumstances, lift their eyes to the God who alone has the power to make a way where there is no way. And none who truly trust in him are disappointed. (Rms. 10:11 NASV)

And yet the primary message of Christmas is that this God of miracles, hope, and power, is also The God of Love–a God who loved us so much that he humbled himself to enter our world as a helpless infant.

And his purpose for doing this? To ultimately grow up and die for us, so we might experience miracles, hope, and love every day.

So the next time you see an angel atop a tree, or hear a song about kings following a star, remember how supernatural the Christmas Story really is. But most of all, remember that faith in Jesus can bring the miracle you need today.

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