Nothing Is Impossible

16 Jan


Luke 1:37–For nothing is impossible with God.

Back in the ’70s I led a Christian rock band called The Awakening, a name, cheesy though it may seem, that would ultimately prove prophetic for a boy named Paul. Greenfield*. It happened on an Easter Sunday evening at the band’s last-ever concert. Everything was going as planned until the middle of the last song, when I saw a man entering the auditorium carrying a child prone in his arms. The pastor who’d sponsored the event noticed them too, and arose and walked back to the rear of the auditorium to meet them.

After a short conversation, the pastor led the man, still carrying his child, forward to the front row, where they stood until we’d finished that last tune.

The pastor then stepped forward to address his congregation: “We need a healing miracle here tonight, folks. The situation is serious. Please stretch out your hands toward five-year-old Paul.”

He turned around to face the band. “David, would you and your band members please step off of the stage and join me in praying for this boy?”

I drew closer. The child was inert, as limp as a towel.

The pastor then led a simple prayer that was short on words but long on faith. Suddenly the child’s eyes snapped open and he swallowed. Five minutes later, young Paul was walking around that auditorium as if nothing had ever been wrong with him.

I didn’t learn the rest of this story until fourteen years later, when a woman, the child’s mother, approached me at a convention we were both attending. She introduced herself, since I’d never officially met her, offering a hand. “My name’s Joanne Greenfield,” she said. “My son was raised from the dead at one of your concerts.”

“Um, what?” I stumbled. “I sure don’t remember anything like that.”

She went on to remind me of that Easter Evening years ago, and explained how Paul had fallen off of a fence, hit his head on a concrete surface, and later passed away at the church. She and her husband had brought him to the pastor for prayer because they believed nothing was impossible with God.

I saw Paul again about fifteen years ago. He’s in his forties as of this writing, and is now a loving husband and father. He was too young at the time to remember these events in detail. But I remember, and now stand assured, as Joanne did that night, that nothing is impossible with God.

Today’s Prayer: Heavenly Father, my problems seem small in light of your omnipotence. I trust you to meet my needs by means of your miraculous power. You are well able and do it, for nothing is impossible with you.

*The names have been changed to protect the family’s privacy.

Image**The above post is from David’s devotional Encouragement Explosion, available from by clicking here:

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