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Wicked Tuna


I recently watched a TV show called “Wicked Tuna.” (“Wicked,” as you may already know, is New England slang for “awesome.”) It’s a reality show is about fishermen who pursue schools of these six-to-ten-foot monsters along the Massachusetts coast. Tuna fishing is an exciting and lucrative trade, since a single bluefin can sell for upwards of ten thousand dollars. But catching one of these thousand-pound behemoths constitutes no easy task.

One particular boat, called the Lily, employs an airplane it its efforts. The plane soars high above, scanning for schools of fish swimming just below the water’s surface. Upon spotting a group, the plane radios directions to the boat below: “Turn left. They’re about twenty boat-lengths out, now. Turn left. Hard left,” etc.

The Lily cannot see the fish, but their Eye in the Sky sees them clearly from its lofty perspective. So when the boat finally gets on the course, the pilot calls, “There. Hold steady. Just like that. Steady like that.” And once they’re on track, no extra communication is needed. Soon enough, they’ll meet up with the fish. It’s only a matter of time.

As a Christian, you’ve got your own Eye in the Sky. You may have goals, but not know how to reach them. That’s OK; your Pilot knows the way. Sometimes you’ll sense His promptings, urging, “Do this. Go that way.” Other times, you’ll hear, “Go steady. Just like that. Steady like that.” Or you may hear nothing at all, and that’s because you’re already on course.

You may think you’ll never reach your goals. But God has already promised to fulfill your dreams (Ps. 37:4.) He can see your victory ahead, and if you’re hearing nothing from Him about it at the moment, it’s because you’re already on course. So hold steady. Steady like that. God will fulfill your heart’s desires. It’s only matter of time. Just hold steady. Steady like that.

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