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Happy Mothers Day, Mom-at-Heart

Happy Mothers Day, Mom-at-Heart

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. Thank you for cuddling and consoling us, for teaching us about beauty, courage, kindness, and patience, for changing our stinky diapers, washing and feeding us, bandaging our cuts, and performing all those other sacrificial tasks too myriad to count, back when our only expression of appreciation was merely to quit bawling.

But let me also thank those of you who have lost your babies to miscarriage, childhood accident, disease, abortion, adoption, or difficulty in conception. My oldest sister was unable to bear children, and yet our childhood name for her was “Mommy Dianna,” as even then she exemplified to us what loving nurture was all about. Like you, she was a mother-at-heart, nurturing her siblings through warm hugs, kind conversations, words of wisdom, greeting cards, phone calls, emails, and Facebook posts, all the way from girlhood to her last day upon this earth.

And she’s not the only one. Each of you ladies are moms in one way or another. You’re just wired that way; love drives the beating of your heart. So to every woman reading these words let me say thank you. We honor you each and every day of our lives. Happy Mothers Day, Mom-at-Heart.

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