The Second Reason I Wrote “Falling for Chloe”

11 Sep


“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s an age-old proverb which I often ignore. Because there I am in Amazon’s Kindle store, scrolling through, looking for my next adventure story and bam there’s that eye-catching image. “Wow, that one looks good!”

So I buy it, only to learn that quality graphic design doesn’t necessarily indicate quality writing.

Truth be told, we often misjudge people in the same the way we misjudge books. We categorize them according to their taste in clothing, their jobs, their language skills, body types, ethnicity, or nationality. “Man looks on the outward appearance,” the Bible says, “but the Lord looks on the heart.”

The characters in my novel Falling for Chloe vary somewhat in outward appearance, talents, personalities, and social skills. And once you’re reading the story, I’m sure you’ll subconsciously analyze and categorize these folks in the same way we analyze and categorize people in real life.

But be careful; more than one of these characters may surprise you. In fact, I know they will. And so the second reason I wrote this story is to encourage us to be more open-minded and generous when assessing others.

That said, when it comes to Falling for Chloe, I hope you love both the story…and the cover 😉

You can check Falling for Chloe out here: Falling for Chloe

Hope you love it,


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