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Early Christmas

Early Christmas

Christmas started early this year. Seriously early. The malls turned red and green as soon as the orange and black goblins vacated. And as would be expected, people started complaining about it, saying it was just a commercial ploy to get people buying presents early.

Maybe it was. Probably it was. But as a Christian, what do I care? The more we celebrate Jesus, the happier I get.

Besides, I like red and green together. I love twinkling lights, golden garlands, angels, and guiding stars, too. And I especially love hearing all those songs about a God who’d be willing to be born as a destitute child in a third-world country if that’s what it took to rescue me.

And he did–rescue me, I mean. He rescued me from hopelessness, depression, loneliness, sickness, lack, and so much more. He turned my emptiness into fulfillment, my purposeless into mission. He transformed the water of my existence into wine.

So yeah, I’m into Christmas. Big time. Bring it on. And the longer it lasts the better. Because every time we deck a tree, string lights, or set up a crèche, we’re saying “Go Jesus! Save more folks the way you saved me.”Because face it. We live in a secular society these days. The only time most people hear about Gods’ love is during these last magical weeks of the year. So let’s go for it. Sing the songs. Light the lights. Let’s have Early Christmas every year.

David Stearman

*A giant Thank-You! to all who have helped us reach the world via our missionary outreaches this year! You are a gift from God ❤

**Also: Many of you might not realize our address has changed to: PO Box 764, Maineville, OH 45039. Please make a note…I’ve missed hearing from many of you! 

***…and Big News!! I’ll be starting a podcast, “The Encouraging Word Podcast”, early next year. I’ll give you a heads-up when the first episode is uploaded, so you can be on the lookout!

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