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Many of us have GPS units these days, either on our phones, in our cars, or as hand-held devices. And they’re wonderful: we can program our destinations into these units and then listen to turn-by-turn directions as we drive.

But we don’t always follow the GPS’ directions, right? Sometimes we turn off of its programmed path to get gas, hit a Starbucks, or visit a tourist attraction. (Like…The Word’s Largest Ball of Twine, in Cawker, KS?)

And yet one of the best features of these GPS units is their ability to adapt to our route changes. The unit doesn’t become angry when you veer from its suggested path. The woman’s voice doesn’t come on screaming “Now you’ve done it! You’ve really blown it this time! You’ll never get to Wally World now!” No, the voice simply replies “rerouting…rerouting…” and then, based on your current whereabouts, offers newly computed directions to your destination.

Well, our God better than any GPS device. And because He’s full of mercy, he understands when we get diverge from His perfect pathway for our life. Yes, we fail, we make mistakes, sometimes we even sin, and yet God doesn’t scream back at us “Now you’ll never see your dreams come true! You’ll never experience the blessings I’ve planned for you!”

No, He simply begins rerouting…

So no matter how you may have ignored God’s direction for your life, remember that all you need to do is repent and follow His directions to get right back on track. God forgives, and is already at work, computing the quickest route to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


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